OWDA - Who we are
Who we are
OWDA is an active national humanitarian organization dedicated to implementing sustainable human development throughout Ethiopia. Over its lifespan, it has grown substantially in the number of projects implemented, areas covered, as well as the workforce and financial resources managed.
Our mission: To maintain and strengthen strategic capacities and partnerships to bring about sustainable development in the lives of underserved populations in Ethiopia.
OWDA implements development and humanitarian programs in partnership with international development partners, including UN agencies, national and international NGOs, and multilateral and bilat- eral development partners. OWDA is also among the few national NGOs that directly access the Ethiopian Humanitarian Fund (EHF). It has supported millions of people, saved lives, provided skills, and created opportunities and employment for improved livelihoods.
The organization has an operational presence in all the zones of the Somali Region, and it continues to expand to other parts of Ethiopia. It has also made significant strides in its organizational and program management capacity with over 400 staff and managing 8-10 Million USD annually.
OWDA is governed by a general assembly which appoints the auditor, executive board, executive director and finance officer. The executive director is responsible for the strategic leadership and management of the organization.